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Due to COVID-19, Timeless Journey temporarily suspended all its operations in 2019. We are planning to run a 2022 Summer Season, please be patient as we update the content of our website. If you are interested in a particular course or adventure, please email the office at info@timelessjourney.ca and we would be happy to keep you updated. 

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Adventures For Everyone

The young and young at heart. Tall people and short people. Women and men. Any race. Any nationality. Marital status. People with physical or mental challenges. We believe that you have a human right to adventure and connection with the natural environment.  Scholars, hippies, hipsters- everyone needs to be able to survive.

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Every Level of Expertise

You don’t have to be an expert to have an adventure! At Timeless Journey, we have guided adventures for every level of ability.

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Adventures For Every Budget

You don’t have to be rich to have an adventure.


New Adventures Every Year

We have a special projects and logistics team that helps us put together new adventures. They are professional adventurers and modern-day explorers who research and try new routes.

Adventures In Your Back Yard

We are currently in the process of expanding our program.


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Coracles are a classic example of a need being met by a universal solution. Dating back to the bronze age and still in use today, the flat bottomed, frail looking ‘boats’ are found in most parts of the world. They have different names, shapes and sizes, but in essence they are a simple round or… Read More

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In the local grocery store, I happened to mention that I was researching an article about making torches out of natural materials. This comment definitely peaked the curiosity of the other customers around me- a group of mothers with young “Minecraft Enthusiasts” at home. Needless to say, they were keenly interested to hear of a craft… Read More

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Rosti is a Swiss potato dish that looks like a giant potato pancake and tastes like the best kind of hash browns imaginable. Made with modest, inexpensive ingredients that can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration, rösti is well-suited to wilderness living. Eat it pure, or spice it up with wild onion,… Read More

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When I was a boy, my father took me fishing in a tiny mountain lake in the West Kootenays. He knew the trail perfectly well because he’d been there many times but he passed away just after we made the trip and all I could remember was the name of the lake. Now, I know how to navigate using a map and compass and I’m planning a trip there with my own son this summer.

I can’t say enough good things about the gear on the Timeless Journey® Kit List. I experienced no failures at all and managed to stay quite comfortable despite the mosquitoes.

What I learned taking your course this weekend is that less gear is more freedom.  I figure [Timeless Journey®] saved my family from spending thousands of dollars in ridiculous gadgets that would have just made my pack heavier.

I really enjoyed the physical challenge of keeping up with the pace of the scenarios in the Extended Survival Course. What an inspiring group of students and instructors! I haven’t felt so fully alive in years! 


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