Rival Minecraft By Making A Torch From Natural Materials

In the local grocery store, I happened to mention that I was researching an article about making torches out of natural materials. This comment definitely peaked the curiosity of the other customers around me- a group of mothers with young “Minecraft Enthusiasts” at home. Needless to say, they were keenly interested to hear of a craft… Read More

How to Make a Rösti Like A Swiss Mountain Guide

Rosti is a Swiss potato dish that looks like a giant potato pancake and tastes like the best kind of hash browns imaginable. Made with modest, inexpensive ingredients that can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration, rösti is well-suited to wilderness living. Eat it pure, or spice it up with wild onion,… Read More

An Introduction to the Art of Broom Making At The Northern Woven Broom Company

Witches on brooms have long been a symbol of Halloween, so it was hardly surprising when the subject of broom craft came up in our October staff meeting. Our goal: a durable, ethically harvested handmade broom, crafted from locally sourced materials using portable tools in the wilderness! Simple, right?  

What Everyone Ought to Know About Rendering Animal Fat Outdoors

If you have ever hunted wild game or purchased a whole animal direct from a local farmer, you may have found yourself presented with a whole pile of animal fat and wondered, “what am I going to do with all that fat?” Rendered animal fats can be used in cooking. When harvested ethically, rendered and… Read More

Ox-Eye Daisies- A Delicious “First Responder”

The cheerful Ox-Eye Daisy, also called the Marguerite, is a widespread perennial herb originally from Eurasia. In this article, we referred to the Ox-Eye Daisy as a “First Responder” because it is often one of the first species at the scene of a site disturbed by human activity.  Its botanical name Leucanthemum vulgare derives has… Read More