At Timeless Journey® Bushcraft and Survival Adventures Ltd., we love to meet kindred spirits, like-minded individuals who share our love for adventure and the outdoors. If you are interested in working for our company, please submit the following required documents to the Head Office in Winlaw, BC:

  • a completed Timeless Journey® Job Application Form
  • a scan or image of any qualifications required or recommended in the job description (you will be required to show originals later)
  • a recent copy of your resumé or portfolio
  • a short cover letter (addressed to Director, Carmen Lazzarotto) clearly explaining:
    • how this job is an opportunity for you
    • how you see your contribution to Timeless Journey®

We actively recruit on an ongoing basis. The recruitment process begins when you successfully complete and submit all the components of your application. We will review your file when we are looking to recruit. If you are short-listed as a potential candidate, you will be invited to join us for a Group Selection Interview.

At the Group Selection Interview, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills, solve problems individually and as a group and meet some of our existing team members. There may be several candidates interviewed at the same time.

Once we have had a chance to meet you and spend time with you during our rigorous Group Selection Interview, we will make a decision about who we would like to invite to join our team. You can expect to be notified within 14 days whether you are successful or not.

We are looking for people who are passionately interested and curious about the natural environment. We want our staff to have a good sense of humour, be trustworthy, courageous, fit, helpful, loyal to the company and its values, committed, of good integrity, polite and have both the ability to use their own initiative as well as work well as part of a team.

Military Commitment:

We are proud to provide career opportunities for current and former members of the Military and their spouses. Timeless Journey® recognizes that service people are highly skilled, motivated and hardworking.  We will provide opportunities for our employees to fulfill their training and commitment to the Reserve Forces.

We are currently recruiting new employees for the following positions:

  • Summer Camp Counselor (Vallican Whole)- Positions Available: 2
  • Winter Survival Instructor (West Kootenay)- Positions Available: 1

Summer Day Camp Counselor (Vallican Whole)- Positions Available: 2

Love working with young people ages 5-12? Want to make a difference about how they see and experience nature? Have loads of energy, patience and stamina for a summer of fun? Interested in making outdoor, nature-based education and experiential learning entertaining.

We value having creative, curious team members with building and crafting skills. You will need a sense of humour and a strong background in natural and physical sciences. We would like to work with people who care for the environment, love wildlife and are sensitive to issues of injustice in the world.

Interested? Check out the detailed description of the Summer Camp Counselor position.

Survival Course Assistant (West Kootenay)- Positions Available: 1

Transitioning to civilian life after a military career? Survivalist? Recreational “prepper” ? You love the idea of wilderness survival adventure as a career. You have not only studied wilderness survival in books, on YouTube and television- but you have also gone out into the wilderness in search of hands-on experiences that test your skills and equipment. However, you are much more than a “lone wolf type”- you want to share your skills with others.

We value bold leadership, dedication to excellence in teaching and service to the community. You will need a strong background in the theory of wilderness survival and a willingness/ability to work/teach in challenging environments (extreme cold, extreme heat, jungle, dessert…). We would like to work with people who care for the environment, love wildlife and are sensitive to issues of injustice in the world.

Interested? Check out the detailed description of the Survival Course Assistant (West Kootenay).