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Discover Camping (2 Days, 1 Night) • $300.00

Course Details

In Discover Camping, we help you make the exciting transition between city-living and the natural world. This course was designed specifically for adults with limited or no experience of the outdoors, who are interested in learning to camp and willing to experiment with tenting as an affordable, safe and fun accommodation in the outdoors.

Prerequisite: None

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Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft (3 Days, 2 Nights) • $360.00                              

Course Details

The Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft course is an initiation to Bushcraft and outdoor living. In a safe, comfortable, yet hard-working atmosphere, our experienced instructors will lead you through a series of fundamental skills aimed at freeing up your dependence on site, gear and gimmicks for your comfort and pleasure. We will be erecting a basher, using a bush knife, sleeping in a bivi bag and fire-lighting using natural tinder and kindling.

Prerequisite: Discover Camping (or by challenging the Discover Camping course)


Back Woods Awakening (3 Days, 2 Nights) • $360.00

Course Details

In the Back Woods Awakening course, we leave the protection of social and commercial camping environments like campgrounds, lake lots and backyards to face a new level of challenge- the backcountry. This course is all about expeditions and learning to overcome environmental challenges that hikers and those moving long distances across wilderness terrain might experience on a regular basis. The course content is a series of exercises and scenarios designed to teach and build your skills so that you can both feel and be better prepared when you make your first ventures into the backcountry.

Prerequisite: Discover Camping (or by challenging the Discover Camping course) or Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft (or by challenging the Bash, Bivis and Bushcraft course) or Wild Survival (or by challenging the Wild Survival course)

Shelter-Building With Natural Materials (6 Days, 5 Nights) • $960.00

Course Details

In the Shelter-Building With Natural Materials course, we will look to the natural world as a source of food, medicine, fire, shelter and tools. As a compliment to the Bushcraft Knife, students will work with a Bowsaw to produce a solid, rain-resistant shelter from natural materials. In addition, we will learn about natural fibre rope and the complete process of making fire by friction.

Prerequisite: Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft (or by challenging the Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft course) or Wild Survival (or by challenging the Wild Survival course)


Wilderness Axe Craft (6 Days, 5 Nights) • $1150.00

Course Details

In the Wilderness Axe Craft course, we set up an expedition base camp in the wilderness and explore the use of the ax. Our comfortable and stable foothold in the natural environment could be stocked and provisioned for a fall hunting season, a funky summer barbecue party with friends or turned into a cross-country skiing destination. To get our work done efficiently and quickly, we will learn to safely use the powerful yet portable tool of a pioneer- the axe. During this remarkable week, you will accomplish a large scale building project that involves safely falling small trees, limbing and sectioning to construct a camp.

Prerequisite: Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft (or by challenging the Bashers, Bivis and Bushcraft course) or Wild Survival (or by challenging the Wild Survival course)