Winter Motor Vehicle Survival Seminar (1 Day) • $80.00

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In the Winter Motor Vehicle Survival Seminar, we address what to wear for winter travel, what to pack in your vehicle and how to use your gear rationally to provide for your safety and comfort in the event of an emergency. Our instructors will walk you through a variety of real-life winter survival scenarios from the comfort of your toasty warm chair. Get expertise advice on choosing affordable, life-saving solutions that fit your family, lifestyle and vehicle needs.

Prerequisite: None

Frost on Face

Winter Survival (3 Days, 2 Nights) • $360.00

Course Details

In Winter Survival, we explore the scope and limitations of our gear, testing the depth of our resolve and determination as we learn to survive in a winter landscape lacking snow. Although the environment might be bitterly cold and windy, we can work hard, use an effective strategy and achieve warmth and comfort, even here. The reward for our labour is confidence in our ability to adventure into harsh Canadian winters that are also often beautiful, quiet and magical wonderlands that few ever get to discover.

Prerequisite: Wild Survival

Deep Snow 2.jpg

Deep Snow Winter Survival (3 Days, 2 Nights) • $460.00

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Snow deep enough to hinder your movement can be both an asset and a hindrance. In Deep Snow Survival, we will overcome the challenges of getting around on the snow surface and really learn how to use the most abundant resource in the environment to build expedient protections from the wind as well as individual winter survival shelters. We will make the most of the short winter daylight hours, emerging from our burrows to move about our wilderness camp on emergency snowshoes. The evening will be spent around the fire, cooking delicious meals and practicing skills that will help you feel and be better prepared for winter recreation in a deep-snow environment.

Prerequisite: Winter Survival