At Timeless Journey®, we pride ourselves on the quality of our bushcraft and survival adventures.

At the moment, we are offering two types of adventures for adults:

  • Bushcraft Adventures
  • Survival Adventures

We also offer summer adventures for young people:

A Safer Way to Adventure

Our adventure guides are experienced expedition leaders with first-aid, risk management training and evacuation training specific to the wilderness settings where we work. They are qualified and experienced well-beyond the industry standard with highly specific technical rescue skills.

Adventure guides know their routes, communicating regularly with Head Office at predetermined check-points. They carry advanced first aid kits, safety equipment and state of the art backcountry communication devices on every trip.

Prepare Your Adventure…If You Want

On a Timeless Journey® Adventure, you don’t have to exhaust yourself researching, planning and organizing your adventure. Our professional logistics team prepares every trip- providing you with a complete adventure information package that includes everything you will need for your adventure.

Put your energies into making your holiday an epic experience in ways that matter to you! Why not carve a voyageur cup, make your own canoe paddle or learn a new skill like wilderness navigation that you can practice on route?

A More Comfortable Way To Travel

On many of our adventures and expeditions, we offer hospitality services designed to make your wilderness experience more comfortable. Sometimes, the food is cooked for you by a professional camp chef, a solar-heated outdoor shower is provided, camp is made for you on the first night or your gear is transported by our hospitality team.

Study the Hospitality Legend to make sure you are getting the level of care that you want or need on your adventure.

Interested in testing your limits rather than comfort? Try enrolling in our signature event, the Timeless Journey® 72 Hour Survival Challenge.

Exercise Is Good Medicine

Wouldn’t it be great to come back from your holiday this year 2 lbs lighter and stronger than ever! Maybe you want to add purpose to your winter training regime by working towards an adventure that has a physical fitness prerequisite or use your enrollment as a reward for good behavior?

Read the physical fitness requirements carefully so you can arrive prepared for your adventure.

Get Unplugged For Your Mental Health

Some places we go have no cellphone reception…and we like it that way. Why not offer an adventure of a lifetime to someone who can’t let go of their devices? Look for the cellphone icon below, if you would like to find peace away from the demands of modern communication and “get present with mother nature.”

No Signal

Exciting Adventures for Beginners

Beginner adventures are very demanding and require specially trained adventure guides with excellent teaching skills and a caring disposition.

At Timeless Journey®, we run our beginner adventures with some of our most experienced adventure guides and our lowest student to guide ratios (1:4-6). We want our beginner customers to be, and feel, safe and have a positive first experience with our company.

The following adventures have no prerequisites and are suitable for people with little or no experience in the wilderness:

How to Qualify For Higher Level Adventures

Some of our adventures are open to novices, however, the vast majority require some form of qualification. The qualification process allows us to offer the more interesting, highly-skilled adventures that appeal to experienced outdoors enthusiasts.

There are four different ways to qualify for a higher level adventure:

  • Option 1: Taking and Passing the Required Prerequisite Courses

Our structured curriculum is designed to provide clients with a seamless, step-by-step introduction to wilderness living and survival skills. Our adventures have been designed to help provide practice opportunities for the skills being taught in our courses. Therefore, passing the required prerequisite courses is the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared for the adventures. 

A private or semi-private lesson with a Bushcraft or Survival Instructor designed to provide clients with previous experiences in Wilderness Living with a broad assessment of their knowledge and skills. Clients receive a written personal evaluation, a recommendation about how and where to enter the program and they work together with the Bushcraft or Survival Instructor to develop a realistic plan for achieving their goals. 

At the beginning of each course or adventure, clients have an opportunity to challenge the prerequisites by demonstrating their knowledge, preparedness and competency in a series hand-on exercises. If they pass the challenge, they can complete the adventure with the rest of the class. 

On some courses and adventures, you can forgo the qualification process if you are willing to hire a personal assistant to help you complete your course or adventure.