Leo Stephens grew up with the outdoors as his home and the British countryside as his garden. As a young child, he learned to hunt and fish, developing his own techniques but also devouring any information he could obtain through books and country folk. As a young adult, he joined the British Army.

Leo’s passion for ecology and wilderness conservation led him to taking an Environmental Science degree from Plymouth University, UK. He travelled around the world, including South America, Australia, Africa, India and South East Asia, studying wild cats, learning foreign languages and adventuring into some of the wildest corners of the planet.

Leo began teaching outdoor skills and leading expeditions as a social-worker, taking troubled children and teens into the woods and wilds on excursions to help them reconnect with themselves and their natural world. He continued his fight against injustice in Africa where he became a Wildlife Conservation Officer, working to implement an anti-poaching program in the Rift Valley (Africa).

Leo is committed to sharing his love for the world around him, passing on his knowledge and love of Bushcraft, aboriginal life, ancient peoples, history, botany and wildlife. He is an avid aviator but also enjoys aeroplane and boat-building, canoeing, falconry, rock climbing and skydiving in his spare time. Leo is a small-arms marksman and has shot in many international competitions.