Being able to find food in your local, natural environment is a fundamental skill that used to be part of our basic education as human beings. Like other intelligent animals, our parents taught us where to find food in every season and how to prepare it when we were children so that we could grow up to be successful and healthy adults.

Unfortunately, our society has placed an increasing value on technology to provide food for humanity, and the knowledge required to forage or live off the land has gradually left the mainstream education system- to the point where our children are afraid to touch all wild plants because they don’t know any of them.

In our modern world, we have come to rely on the grocery store to feed us, trusting that the products they sell are healthy and that the selection they have in their stores will provide us with everything we need.  Food is growing in abundance, all around us- wouldn’t it be great to learn how to use it.

In our Timeless Journey Foraging courses, you get to reclaim a piece of your human heritage- the ability to see and find food in the landscape and know that it will be good for your body. Our foraging instructors will provide clear hand-outs, helping you to safely identify, collect, prepare and cook your wild foods-  greatly accelerating your learning through apprenticeship.


Wild Roots, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers $80.00

Course Details

In Wild Roots, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers, we dig deep to reveal the extraordinary underground life of plants, their intriguing forms, their complex structures and the entrancing lore that surrounds their varied uses. In particular, we will focus our attention on ten edible wild plant species which store energy underground in the form of starch. We will learn and practice extracting this starch for human consumption-rendering it accessible to us as a important resource in an extended survival situation.

Nuts and Seeds $80.00

Course Details

In Nuts and Seeds, we learn to harness and process the energy and protein sources hidden inside the hard protective shells of the fruiting bodies of plants. We will learn about the reproductive life of ten local species. The group will practice transforming foraged nuts and seeds into healthy oils and protein rich pastes or flours for modern human consumption. Simple ancient techniques bring us closer to our ancestors way of life and give us a deeper appreciation and understanding of our connection with the natural environment. The Nuts and Seeds course is intended to strategically accelerate your calorie-rich foods learning for extended wilderness survival.