Last modified: 25/06/2019

The purpose of the Timeless Journey® Day Camp Adventures Guidance Policy is to help ensure a positive and nurturing environment for everyone at Day Camp Adventures.

  1. The manager/staff will use only age appropriate forms of positive discipline that help children develop self-responsibility and self-esteem. This will include diversion, discussing choices, natural and logical consequences, positive reinforcement, encouragment, consistent limit setting, modeling and on-going communication.
  2. The manager/staff will not use any form of deprivation that could interfere with a child’s emotional or physical well-being, such as withholding of food or other basic needs or isolation for long periods of time.
  3. The manager/staff will not use forms of emotional punishment such as: humiliation, rejection, belittlement or other forms of emotional cruelty.
  4. The manger/staff will not use any form of physical punishment such as: yelling, striking, shaking, pinching, spanking, handling in a rough manner, force feeding or inappropriate physical restraint.

The manager/staff will not tolerate any of the aforementioned punishments from the parents children in our care.