The Timeless Journey® Specialty Courses grew out of our desire to assist clients in rapidly acquiring the skills needed to participate in our adventures.

Pursue a Passion

Do you have a soft spot for one particular area of wilderness living or wilderness survival? Specialty Courses are where we go to make new discoveries and indulge our special interests.

Specialty Courses are an overview of a specific subject or skill in wilderness living or wilderness survival. They provide an important complement to the material seen in the General courses, helping people with a common passion to meet and connect over a project.

Having several areas of specialty training can greatly enrich one’s appreciation and understanding of the natural world. Exploring a Specialty Course will give you perspective on your outdoor recreation and open new ways of thinking about your experiences.

At the moment, we are offering Specialty Courses in the following subject areas:

Get Advice You Can Trust

Rather than blindly trusting your life to a neighbour or friend with some experience in the bush, why not get professional advice from one of the world’s leading experts. At Timeless Journey®, we hire and recruit independent contractors to teach our Specialty Courses so that we can bring you the best.

Hospitality on Specialty Courses

The hospitality services on Specialty Courses has a completely different flavour from our General Courses where everything is organized for you by our staff. On Specialty Courses, food and meals may, or may not, be provided with the course fees. Sometimes, they are the very subject of the day- like in one of our cooking courses.

Please read the course descriptions carefully so you can be sure that you are getting the level of care you require and arrive properly prepared to meet your own needs for the duration of your stay with us.

A camping spot is always available, free of charge, for every participant on our Specialty Courses who is willing to comply with our family-friendly tent camping environment and Base Camp Food Storage Guidelines.

If you would prefer more privacy, more flexibility or more independance, there are other options available in the area including:

  • bringing a self-contained RV and parking it in the parking lot
  • renting a campsite elsewhere where they can be more flexible about camping rules ( a good option for party animals and family holiday)
  • staying in a bed and breakfast or hotel (additional comfort)

The focus of any Specialty Course with Timeless Journey® should always be the amazing course content, not your camping style or your food- unless of course you’re taking a cooking class.

Specialty Courses for Beginners

At the moment, we have several Specialty Courses that are suitable for people with little or no experience in the wilderness:

Looking for something different? Check out the selection of Timeless Journey® General Courses and Timeless Journey® Adventures that are also available to beginners. 

How to Qualify For Higher Level Specialty Course

Many of our Specialty Courses are open to novices, however, the vast majority require some form of qualification.

The qualification process allows us to offer highly-skilled courses that appeal to experienced outdoors enthusiasts too (and remain insured). There are five different ways to qualify for a higher level course:

  • Option 1: Taking and Passing the Required Prerequisite Courses

Our structured curriculum is designed to provide clients with a seamless, step-by-step introduction to wilderness living and survival skills. Passing the required prerequisite courses is the best way to ensure that you are fully prepared to handle the next level of complexity. 

  • Option 2: Applying For Transfer Credit From Another Institution

At Timeless Journey®, we recognize that many of our clients have already taken excellent survival or wilderness living skills courses with one of our competitors. You are welcome, and encouraged, to review or reinforce your knowledge by exploring our approach to the same material.

If you would rather “pick up where you left off,” we are happy to offer a transfer credit for courses taken at reputable institutions (those that keep student records, issue receipts and can confirm your attendance) and operate with a reliable curriculum (so we can know what subjects were addressed in the course). 

Please contact the Head Office for more information about Transfer Credits. 

  • Option 3: Completing a Personal Knowledge and Skills Assessment

A 2-3 hour private or semi-private assessment with a Bushcraft or Survival Instructor. Clients receive a written personal evaluation with a recommendation about how and where to enter the Timeless Journey® program. They work together with the Bushcraft or Survival Instructor to develop a realistic plan for achieving their goals. A private or semi-private assessment can be booked through the Head Office. 

  • Option 4: Hiring Additional Support

On Specialty Courses with Timeless Journey®, you may be able to forgo the qualification process if you are willing to personally address the costs and responsibility of hiring the additional support staff that may be required to help you meet your personal needs.

This service is very useful in properly addressing personal physical or mental health issues, a client’s concerns about their inability to meet a regular level performance standard, special scheduling requirements (early returns, late arrivals, anticipated need to leave the course…) or they lack the necessary prerequisites and do not/ cannot sit a personal assessment with an instructor. 

The costs of hiring additional support will vary on a case-by-case basis and must be assessed directly by contacting the Head Office at least two-weeks prior to the start of the course.

At the beginning of some select courses and adventures, clients have an opportunity to challenge the prerequisites by demonstrating their prior knowledge, preparedness and competency in a series of hand-on exercises with an examiner.

If they pass the challenge, they can complete the course or adventure with the rest of the group. However, the client must be entirely prepared to assume any and all costs that may arise if they fail to meet the minimum performance standards outlined in the challenge.